Performer Endorsements

"Dan is a detailed builder of character. He is gifted and versatile actor with a passion for the art, and commitment to delivering believeability, emotion, and impact. I worked with him once in a show that required him to do several characters and have seen him in several other roles; always engaging, different, and complete performances."

Randy Jordan – Actor/Director/Voice Talent (Castmate in Blood Done Sign My Name at Raleigh Little Theatre)

"Dan is a force of nature in the process. Always committed to bringing a fully engaged and deeply mined performance. He is always in service to the play. It’s just great to have him in the room and on the team."

Joseph Megel, Director (Blood Done Sign My Name at Raleigh Little Theatre)

"Dan is the actor I want in the room! His fearless approach to telling a story is contagious and encourages others to raise their game. He takes risks. He makes bold choices. He is a true collaborator. He is an artist I admire. I look forward to our personal and professional collaborations continuing!"

David Henderson, Director (Assassins at Theatre in the Park, The Herd at Honest Pint Theatre)

"Daniel is one of those actors who lights up the stage.  He brings a generative, calming presence to every aspect of the rehearsal and production process.  He makes thoughtful and artistic choices, and brings incredibly detailed nuance to each character he portrays.  You are lucky and blessed if you have the chance to work with him."

Diane Cashwell Petteway, Musical Director (Assassins at Theatre in the Park)

"Dan is not only a great actor but he is an amazing guy as well.  He brought so much to his character that wasn't on the page.  Loved working with him and looking forward to doing it again."

Greg Francis, Director (Wives With Knives)

"Dan is an actor full of nuance, and a director with vision. He roots his process as all theatre artists should: in the script. Watching him portray the many levels of Don Quixote in Man of La Mancha was, in a word, magical. 

In his directing of Catch-22, he had the task of taking a flawed script—written by the author of the source material, no less—and make it feel accessible to a contemporary audience.  His vision took a story that teeters on absurdism, and made it about a man trying to get out of an absurd situation. I am lucky to have been part of this production, and grateful that he cast me against type in the part of Yossarian. He challenged me, and pushed me to a higher level of awareness as an actor."

Bryan Moriarty, Actor (Catch-22 at Los Altos Stage Company)




Directing/Leader Endorsements

"Dan Wilson is not only an expert in his field but truly a brilliant and genuine human being. He brings his vast depth of working knowledge and artistic excellence to the table, holding nothing back in service to the highest fulfillment of his client’s needs. He helped crystallize my vision through his consulting on company infrastructure, show selection, and brand development. Bottom line… Dan instills confidence in his clients because he is so talented and proficient. His dedication to excellence in the arts and in life makes him a true leader and vital asset to anyone who has the privilege to work with him."

Julia Mirkovich, Executive Director (Puttin’ On Productions & TADA Stages)

“Dan and I… worked together at the Los Altos stage company… I first brought him aboard as the company‘s Production Manager and quickly promoted him to Associate Artistic Director. He has been an invaluable partner to me as we have worked hand in hand to revive and rebuild this organization. His broad range of artistic and organizational skills and experiences have greatly contributed to our success over the past seasons, elevating the quality of our productions and expanding the pool of talent we have been able to attract. I have tremendous respect for Dan as an artistic colleague, confidant, and friend, and I can think of few more deserving of genARTS’ recognition.”

Gary Landis, Executive Director (Los Altos Stage Company)

(Statement on Dan being honored with the Joshua Russell Award at the genARTS Silicon Valley Movers & Shakers event in December of 2014.)

“I will always jump at an opportunity to work with Dan. His enthusiasm, dedication, and incredible insight make him a wonderful actor, director, and person to have in any aspect of a production. He always brings great ideas and a positive attitude to every production."

Michael Weiland, Actor (Fox on the Fairway at Los Altos Stage Company)

"Working with Dan as a director was awesome, he allowed us to develop our characters and guided them to make The Fox on the Fairway a memorable comedic experience. The audiences loved his direction and the overall show."

Danny Martin, Actor (Fox on the Fairway at Los Altos Stage Company)

"If Dan was a baseball player he would be known as a 5 tool player. Catch, hit, run, field. Dan, as far as the theater goes in my book, is a 5 tool player. He is incredible at acting, directing, and many other things that make up the world of grease paint. You feel his friendly warmth as soon as you meet him. He brings you in and makes you feel part of the family. I do wish I had more time working with Dan at the Los Altos Stage Company in California but our loss is a big gain for whereever he goes."

Richard Mayer, Photographer (At Los Altos Stage Company)

"Dan Wilson is one of the most creative and driven people I know. I have known him for over a decade and have worked with him in different contexts in and around the arts. He brings a fiery passion to everything he does and treats every project, big or small, as the most important thing he has ever done. He has shown both a thirst for knowledge and improvement with a strong, steady demonstration of competence and leadership. I am a big fan!"

Joshua Russell, (Former) Senior Vice President, Silicon Valley Creates

"Daniel is passionate about his work. He uses his experience as an artist to think creatively while always taking into consideration the bigger picture of an organization's mission, short, and long term goals. Daniel is a strategic and creative team player who strives to move an organization to the next level. He is trustworthy and disciplined and always up for a new challenge."

Dana Zell, Managing Director (At Children's Musical Theater San Jose)

"Dan is a passionate storyteller which is evidenced by the works he chooses to pursue and the detail with which he crafts his work both as a director, and a producing director. As director and casting director for “Harold and Maude”, he evidenced a keen eye for casting with an intuitive sense of what type of actor the roles are asking for. Several people commented how perfectly that show was cast and directed."
Kristen Brownstone, Actress (Harold & Maude at Los Altos Stage Company)